Episode 9 – Our first quartet

Containers with Ali Golshan and Michelle McLean of StackRox

We covered a huge range of topics. Here’s a taste:

  • WTF is a container and how is this different than virtualization?
  • How does this fit into the threat landscape?
  • How do I approach this if it’s in my organization already and I don’t know how to secure it?
  • Protection, Visibility, detection and enforcement
  • How does this actually play out, because I hear this a lot these days but in my experience most of the implementations just fall down and I’ve got more alerts to ignore… I mean deal with? People are tired of alerts
  • How does this fit in in a mixed environment? It’s not like everyone has ALL containers
  • Adversarial intent model

Containers aren’t just another IT environment to secure. To StackRox, containers are a vehicle for establishing fundamentally better security across the entire enterprise.