Episode 5 – Why be vulnerable to known threats?

Guest today is Cristian Rodriguez of CrowdStrike

Today we chat about why it’s important to utilize both free and paid for tools to help keep yourself from being vulnerable to known threats. No sense in getting caught with your pants around your ankles about something we already knew was a problem.

Cristian Rodriguez is a Sr. Sales Engineer with CrowdStrike, working with some of the largest global enterprise clients. His background includes the implementation and consultation of a variety of security tools, such as Endpoint Security, DLP Platforms, Mobile Security, Proxy and IDS/IPS technologies. Before working with CrowdStrike, Cristian worked with the likes of security resellers, NH&A & FishNet Security (now Optiv) and technology vendors such as Forcepoint, & Zimperium.

Cristian lives in Northern VA, with his wife and 3 kids, and loves playing the piano and the guitar.







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